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“Study the past if you would
define the future.”

~ Confucius

Award Winning Australian Historian

Award winning expert in his field, and contract researcher, Dr Murray Johnson and team of fellow Australian historians offer a professional, reliable, international standard of historical research services. Covering a wide selection of industries, project types, and delivery models, Dr Johnson is a freelance historian who has uncovered and presented Australian history on a plethora of topics. From a single product, such as the history of Bundaberg Rum, to the history of Launceston’s famed Cataract Gorge, where there is an historical story to be told, Dr Murray Johnson and his research team will uncover it.

Every person, place, organisation, and thing has a history. The ability to uncover and share this history in a way that is factually accurate, contextually meaningful, and accessible to the intended audience requires the services of a professional Australian historian.

With over 20 years experience, including long-standing appointments in major Australian universities in Canberra, Tasmania, and Queensland, renowned Australian Historian Dr Murray Johnson has honed the essential skills required of a top-quality historical research contractor and project leader.

‘Historians are trained to research and critically assess evidence and events of the past, taking into account the broader political, economic, social and cultural context.’ 
~ Professional Historian Australia

For Dr Murray Johnson, these skills are the threefold ability to:

Australian Historian

1.  Uncover the evidence

Drawing on an extensive on-site resource library and archives, active project engagement which includes site visits, public archive and library access, and personal interviews.

image: Employees at Freedman’s Clothing Factory in Fortitude Valley ~ Dec 1966

Australian Historian

2.  Discern and distill the story

With impeccable discernment, Dr Murray Johnson transforms masses of data and information into clear, contextualised factual narratives and research pieces.

image: Festival Hall and Albert Street during the Brisbane River flood ~ 1974

Australian Historian

3.  Present the findings

Presentation will be in the format agreed in initial consultations and project proposal. Modalities include books, research papers, booklets, displays, museum exhibitions, and film and radio.

image: 3600 koala pelts obtained by a single party of hunters ~ Clermont district, open season ~ Aug 1927

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Commission-ors & Clientele

An Honorary Senior Research Fellow, at Queensland University’s School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry, Dr Murray Johnson holds a PhD in Australian History and is a member of the Professional Historians’ Association and numerous other historical organisations. Widely published and featured on a great many platforms, further information about his experience can be found on the About Page.

Dr Murray Johnson and his formidable array of skills, experience and resources are available for all types of Australian history projects and commissions.

Areas of specialisation include:

  • Local Histories
  • Company Histories
  • Native Title claims

Histories can be commissioned for (and by)

  • Towns
  • Shires
  • Schools and Church groups
  • Government departments
  • Municipal councils
  • Indigenous and general community organisations
  • Businesses and private individuals

Australian Historian
Bert Hinkler’s first solo flight to Australia ~ 1928

Nationally Available, On Time, Within Budget 

Based in the centrally situated Riverina district of New South Wales, historical projects are accepted throughout Australia.

Dr Murray Johnson and his research team will work with you to clarify your unique project brief, delivering a finished product that they pride themselves on being:

Always available
Always on time
Always within budget

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  • Dr Murray Johnson - Australian Historian
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  • Dr Murray Johnson - Australian Historian
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  • Dr Murray Johnson - Australian Historian
  • Dr Murray Johnson - Australian Historian

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